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NOTES FROM JOAN -- April 2010

Dear Readers,

There is much ado in my life. My adorable daughter, Becca, is having twins in July. I am deliriously happy at the idea of a grandson and a granddaughter (we already know). Therefore, Iím moving to Texas to a nice little house not too far from hers and her husbandís. Iíve lived in the current house for thirty years, and Iím beginning to pack boxes, discard tons of what-was-I-thinking, and deal with The Books (as Caron Malloy would say). Boxes and boxes of books. Twenty-four years of stashing boxes of my books in the garage, in cabinets and corners, behind furniture. Iíve written thirty-nine, I think, and I have as many as forty copies of most of them. Hardbacks and paperbacks. Reprints. I donít want to take them with me, but I donít want to add to the landfill. My solution:


April 10th and 11th
2:00 to 5:00 (firm)
3168 N. Katherine Avenue

Hardbacks are $5.00 and paperbacks are $2.00
Autographs are $1.00, with proceeds to go to the Ozark Literacy Council

The thing is, you have to come over yourself and select your books. Iím not going to mess with filling orders that have to be mailed. I donít care if you offer to pay S&H. If you send me an email, youíre wasting your time.

Back to pretending this is a newsletter and not a publicity gimmick. THE MERRY WIVES OF MAGGODY is out. There are always a lot of charity golf tournaments around here, and I decided Maggody should have one, too. My son-in-law patiently explained about tournament workings. When he wasnít available, I made it up. I have a really fun job...

Youíll have to wait for the next one. I was working on it when things got crazy (see above), so Iíve taken a leave of absence. I am, however, attending Malice Domestic in DC on April 30th and May 1st. The humor panel from days of yore will present our Absolutely Final Farewell Tour. Parnell, Dorothy, Dan, Sharan, and myself. There are rumors that Julian Cannell will be the moderator.

Wish me luck.